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ScSEED founder & Chair, Liza Marron hands the reins to new Chair Max Gibson

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Starting the new year 2023, ScSEED says goodbye to Liza and hello to Max. As many of you know, Liza Marron will soon be Saguache County Commissioner Marron and, as such, she will be leaving the ScSEED Board. Commissioner Marron will continue to be a treasured advisor and counsel for ScSEED moving forward. Replacing Liza as Chair of ScSEED is Saguache resident, Max Gibson. Max has been on the Board for two years and brings a wealth of experience including many years working internationally as an urban planner and public health worker in humanitarian disasters and war zones. Max and his family have been part of the San Luis Valley since he was a kid.

Commissioner Marron was a founder and longtime advocate and champion for ScSEED. Her years of service cannot be replaced. But Chair Gibson has great personal and professional experience and a great team around him to carry the torch and take ScSEED into the future. Thank you, Liza! And, thank you, Max!

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