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In order to more fully achieve our strategies, ScSEED seeks other small non-profit concerns that are pursuing complimentary goals and objectives. ScSEED acts as an umbrella agency to assist these non-profit organizations by providing financial and management services they might otherwise not be able to attain on their own. ScSEED is able to leverage the complimentary goals of our fiscal partners to further expand our reach and achieve our overall goals and objectives as a far reaching economic development organization for Saguache County. 



Mentor and provide
fiscal management

for small Saguache County non-profits, providing a financial infrastructure for them to operate within required accounting guidelines and supporting with project management and fund raising efforts.

Identify and
implement projects

with Saguache County municipalities and State agencies that leverage funding available to improve the quality of life and support sustainable economic development.

Advocate for Saguache County services

by attending and participating at various state and local events and meetings to and to seek out new opportunities for economic development and sustainable growth.

Our Fiscal Management Partners

A consortium of clean energy advocates who hosting an annual two-day event promoting clean energy and sustainable building practices in Saguache County.

A collection of Crestone artists who aspire to share the unique art of the San Luis Valley with the public by sponsoring an annual art festival with many studios to visit.

Crestone Community Garden

A cooperative of growers who pool resources and pursue fund raising efforts to support a community garden to promote local foods and farm-to-table lifestyles.

An agricultural hub for sharing and receiving seeds from Saguache County grown fruits, vegetables, and flowering plants.

Saguache Community Gardens

An inclusive space for cultivating organic produce, promoting sustainability, and building social ties. Our mission is to enhance food security, encourage wellness, and support environmental stewardship. Through collaboration, education, and shared responsibility, we strive to contribute to community well-being by growing local, fresh food and fostering a sense of shared ownership and pride.

Our Working Partners

From around the Local Community, San Luis Valley, and State of Colorado


The Saguache Board of County Commissioners


The Trustees and Staff of the
Town of Saguache

The Saguache
Chamber of Commerce


The Colorado Department
of Transportation


The Saguache Tourism Council

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